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Working Together


As well as creating the artwork she loves stand-alone in the studio, Kelly also works her innovative processes in close collaborative efforts directly with her patrons.

This gives the artist and art lover the ability to co-evolve works specific for an environment, time, or feeling.

See Kelly's work in the Decorative Arts


Kelly has worked very closely with designers for her entire career as both an artist and  decorative painter. Working together to create custom artwork or solutions for clients has become a speciality and a process Kelly particularly enjoys.

See Kelly's work in the Decorative Arts.



While working mostly in the more personal environments of a home, Kelly has also done significant work on larger scales for organizations.

Again, working collaboratively to evolve appropriate form, color, texture and responsiveness to changing light patterns, Kelly provides a new type of opportunity for organizations.

See Kelly's work in the Decorative Arts.

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