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Color, light, texture, and form – the key ingredients that drive Kelly’s work and the collaborative creation process she employs.

Kelly originally studied and practiced decorative arts for over 20 years. Starting in 1987 at the Isabel O'Neil studio in New York, Kelly learned the old ways of decorative arts and gilding. Taking this knowledge she has applied it to develop her own styles and techniques that blend modern products with old world quality and techniques.

Working for the last number of years on the processes of chiaroscuro, which were employed by the Dutch masters in their use of light and dark, Kelly studied with the renowned artist Frank Arcuri.  She now incorporates these processes into her creative palette.

Building on her years of experience, understanding and innovation with color, light, texture and form, Kelly creates her work through both normal and unusually close collaborative processes with her patrons.

Kelly works primarily in the New York to Philadelphia corridor, but her art goes everywhere.

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